October 2007 outing and Slashdot party!

Greetings FOSS enthusiasts!

This month our BILUG meeting will dovetail with a Slashdot anniversary party (of sorts) that Dan Birchall is organizing. The date is Saturday, Oct 27, time TBA. Location is the Mauna Kea visitor center at the 9000 ft level on Mauna Kea.

A summit tour is likely, and there will be stargazing at the visitor’s center in the evening. My plan is to have a little potluck dinner for BILUG at the picnic tables adjacent to the visitor center in the late afternoon (after the summit tour and before the stargazing). Please join us for whatever portions you can.

I will send out another email when I have more information about the summit tour. It would also be advantageous to carpool for those needing rides.

For planning purposes, if you are planning to attend, I would appreciate an email with the following info:

  • if you have a 4WD vehicle you will be taking, and you have room to spare for carpool, how many seats?
  • if you need a ride
  • if you will attend the potluck what would you likely bring (main dish, salad, dessert, or beverages)
  • if you are interested in the summit tour

At this time I don’t know which observatories are included in the summit tour. There is also (as possibilities) the true summit of MK (about 10 min hike out & 10 back) as well as lake Waiau (20-30 min?). More information to follow. Regards,


One Response to “October 2007 outing and Slashdot party!”

  1. Hi again,

    This is more specific information about the Saturday events for the BILUG/Slashdot party.

    Meet at 1pm at the visitors information station on Mauna Kea Access road. For the tour, the standard warnings are:

    * Everyone going to the summit MUST ride in a 4WD vehicle.
    * Everyone going to the summit MUST be 16+ years of age
    * Everyone going to the summit must NOT be pregnant
    * Everyone going to the summit must NOT SCUBA dive in last 24hr.
    * Everyone going to the summit must NOT have cardiopulmonary conditions that would kill ’em up there.

    We will caravan up to the summit for the tour. If you drove up to the VIS in a car I’m sure we can find a spot in a 4WD vehicle for the trip to the summit and back to VIS. The tour includes going into two observatories (not sure which at this time). The tour will be over around 4:30 or so. At that time, if people are interested in more summit stuff, we can hike out to the true summit of Mauna Kea, or to lake Waiau.

    At some point we will head back down to the VIS for dinner and then stargazing. The picnic tables are at the back of the VIS parking lot, between the parking lot and the exclosure where the silverswords are planted. Since no one has responded about potluck, you should plan to bring your own brown bag dinner or snack. Stargazing will be at the VIS where they will have telescopes set up. There is cocoa, tea etc. available at the VIS.

    Dress warmly, it is getting on toward winter up there. I was on the summit last Friday night and it was 41F. It should be much more reasonable at the VIS, but still chilly.

    Should be fun. Hope to see some of you up there! Please email by Friday night if you are interested in carpooling.


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