XO: fixing browser flash performance

You may have noticed that flash applets do not work very well in the XO as shipped.

There is a fix.  I found part of it here and the other part here.

# Install adobe flash player instead of gnash player
$ su –
$ rpm -ivh http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/flash-plugin-

# Force flash movies to default to lower quality, which improves frame rate
$ cd /usr/lib/flash-plugin
$ cp libflashplayer.so libflashplayer.so.bak && sed -i ‘s/HIGH/LOW/g’ libflashplayer.so && sed -i ‘s/LOW/HIGH/’ libflashplayer.so

# Remove annoying “click to view” link behavior for flash sites
$ cd /usr/share/activities/Web.activity
$ mkdir bak && mv agent-stylesheet.css clickToView.xml bak

After taking these steps, YouTube videos play a lot smoother, as well as various flash games my kids like…



3 Responses to “XO: fixing browser flash performance”

  1. My daughter thanks you!

    The fpdownload URL displays truncated (in firefox as viewed using http://bilug.org/2008/01/15/xo-fixing-browser-flash-performance/). I copied the text to Notepad, then successfully followed your instructions.

    After one is sure that all is well, one can reclaim some scarce Xo storage with:
    $ rm /root/oldflashplugins.tar.gz
    $ rm /usr/lib/flash-plugin/libflashplayer.so.bak

  2. You are welcome!

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