No May Meeting

Greetings All,

I hate to cancel yet another meeting this year, but due to an extremely tight work schedule this month and looming deadlines I am unable to host the BILUG meeting in May.  If someone else is interested in hosting the meeting, please drop me a line and I’ll gladly notify the mailing list.  The June meeting is likely to suffer a similar fate unless someone steps up to host that one as well.

The good news is that my schedule should clear out quite a bit beginning in July, and the meeting schedule for the second half of the year looks pretty straightforward.




One Response to “No May Meeting”

  1. Aloha, nice to find this user group exists on the Big Island!
    It’s now early July, and I’m coming back to your blog to hear when and where you are deciding on a date for the next BILUG meeting. (I’m in Honoka’a.)
    Right now, I’m looking at reviews and deciding which streamlined version of Linux to install on an ancient HP Omnibook. So far, it’s between graphpup or damnsmall linux. I’m also thinking about fluxbuntu, but I’m not sure if I can handle fluxbuntu’s interface from what I have read about it. Perhaps after some experience with it, I’d be fine. I’ll probably also need some help with installation and getting everything to work.
    We’ll be meeting soon I hope!

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