What is BILUG?

Short answer: a loosely-organized group of computer enthusiasts on the Big Island that meet to “talk story” about Linux and other Open Source software!

Long answer: The main goals of BILUG are similar to the hundreds of other Linux User Groups worldwide: to foster a locally-based social, educational, resource and advocacy group for Linux and open-source software users. Our goals include:

  • Socialize. Provide opportunities for Linux and open-source users to socialize, network and “talk story”.
  • Education. Discuss emerging hardware, software and computing technologies, especially as they relate to Linux and open source. Organize technology tours and invite guest speakers for technical presentations. Volunteer to help transfer open source technology to schools and other organizations.
  • Advocacy. Promote and encourage the use of Linux, FreeBSD and other open source software. Help new users with installation, configuration, troubleshooting and advice.
  • Resource. Help build up a library of:
    • books, manuals and hardcopy documentation;
    • Linux CDs and other electronic media;
    • online resources: web site, mailing list, local FTP mirrors, etc.

For more information about BILUG you can email or call the following members:

  • Eric Jeschke <eric ‘at’ redskiesatnight.com> (808) 934-5908
  • Mac Cooper <mac ‘at’ flex.com> (808) 933-8107
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